Mrs. Lilien

The Mrs. Lilien styling house BLOG is a delight to read, with catchy subject lines and brilliant rhyming. This one titled Mrs. Brunch is full of colorful summer looks. I might just have to get me some of that KissKiss red lipstick!

All hail this most marvelous Mrs. Brunch - she was bound to come along sooner or later, I had a hunch. She's perfectly casual although painstakingly foxy - she gallivants around with all sorts of moxy. This Mrs is considerably colorful and I'd say rather dashing - and she pulls off her innate style with out overly clashing. She paints her nails a super shade of sunny side up - and, in perfect brunching spirit she brings her own monogrammed cup. She prefers to be comfortable while she eats - in lieu of pumps she wears fashionable flats on her feets. She takes her brunching rather seriously - being that it's her only meal she consumes quite fearlessly. On occasion her tastes change, though she loves her some French toast - yet it's the multiplemimosas that I think she enjoys the most. Eggs Benny and crispy bacon she'll certainly be munching - like I said she prominently goes all out while she's brunching. If one day you happen to run into her while out and about - she'll probably invite you along to brunch, no doubt! She's tons of fun and super punchy - oh how we love this adorable Mrs. Brunchy!

1 comment:

mary said...

love, love, love bunches to brunch!
you so clever!!
forgot my fav the the bloody(tia) maria ~ xtra spicy with okra :)