The infamous diaper bag

"Just because you have kids doesn't mean that you have to be all mumsy and frumpy and carry big plastic coated bags covered with little bunnies everywhere you go."
-Victoria Beckham

LASSIG $99.99

Storksak $198

Kate Spade $395

I couldn't agree more Posh! There is a stylish selection of diaper bags available (see above) but for the same price you can buy yourself a fabulous tote bag (or three) that will carry you into sippy cups and pull-ups. Here's a quick checklist to get you baby-proofed:

1. POCKETS-easy access for pacifiers and bottles
2. Easy to clean/hose down
3. Light weight fabric like nylon
5. Cute-function over fashion

With a few accessories like these, your tote can easily double as a diaper bag:
Travel case for diapers/wipes/food/etc.

Totes to use as Diaper Bags:

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Julie and Luke said...

LOVE the lavender one. I think I need it now, use it as a workout bag for a while and then house some children in it (hopefully sooner than later!)

Thanks for the post - I love your finds!