$5 Flower Arrangements

I needed some last minute, inexpensive teacher gifts last week, so I put together these flower arrangements and they only cost about $5 each! I got 6 bags of flowers and berries (choose 3 for $10) and had enough left over to keep one for our house! I used glass jars (this is our favorite green hot sauce!) for the vases and I found the turquoise sea stars by the flowers. It would be so easy to spray paint the ones you find at the craft store or on the beach! 
First, I took off all the leaves on the stems except the ones right under the flowers (the vases were getting too crowded and they get too murky with all those leaves at the bottom.)I put a tiny bunch of berries on one side and filled the rest with blooms. I needed to save money, but you could also do something similar with peonies and hydrangeas if you have more to spend! I also like using the bigger spider mums, I did all white mums and the lime green berries for Mother's Day arrangements.
I tied on the sea stars and my orange gift tags with raffia, and was out the door with 5 arrangements for under $30! These would be so easy for baby shower/party/table arrangements with vintage ornaments or something fun tied onto the vases.
Last Day of Kindergarten!!!!

I started making these tags because I needed something to tie on for random gifts like these and was always making them at the last minute. They're great when you just need space for a short note or To and From. I use them all the time for birthday presents, tied to a bottle of wine, shower gifts, thank you's, ETC!! 
Right now I have 6 to choose from: Elephant, Bee, XO, Dinosaur, Heart, Merci, and zebra is coming soon! I hand stamp and emboss them and and each set of 6 comes in White, Green, Pink, Teal, Orange, and Yellow Tags with black and white twine.
(Elephant Gold-Embossed Gift Tags with Twine)
I also started doing To Do Lists with this cute vintage stamp!


Tie Dresses In The Shop!

I'm so excited to be featured on Stroller Traffic this week! It's an online mecca for moms of babies, featuring the latest and greatest products, style, and practical information. I just happened to meet one of their Dallas editors when I was setting up for my trunk show at Bee Street, so it was surreal to see my sweet Lela Maye pop up in my inbox this morning!
I shipped this 2T tie dress out a few weeks ago and loved it with jellies and a straw hat for summertime. Mine will be wearing theirs with leggings and boots when we go to Jackson Hole in a few weeks, which is why I love these dresses so much. They last year round and for years to come!!!
Right now I tie Lela's bows at the top of her shoulders, but as she gets taller I can readjust the bows and style it as a tunic in the fall. By next summer it will be a top or coverup, and then hand it down to cousins! 
There's no tags so they can dress themselves and wear it front to back. It's also easy to get on and off with the elastic in the front and back.
Anna, 12 months, wearing size 9-12 months in the Blue Flowers.
Tie dresses and skirts are for sale online (!) and are available in Liberty of London and vintage cottons. Tie dresses start at $38 and skirts start at $28. 
Mary, age 6, is wearing the 2T tie dress as a top (above) and (below) in a 5T tie dress in the pink zoo fabric.
Vintage Giraffes Skirt and Tie Dress

I'm so happy to finally be offering these dresses to babies and kids besides my own! I've been sewing and tweaking them for 5 years now and they're foolproof. Here's the first dress I sewed for Pearl out of a vintage smock I found at a thrift store in Austin:
Long time blog readers might remember this one that I made and used my Mom's Camp Fire Girl beads to embellish the front:
This one I sewed out of a white maternity top and dyed it teal with matching covered buttons:
I'm still working on the flutter sleeve dresses. I sewed this one from a J.Crew top I had, and we adjusted the buttons so she could wear it for a few years...
I absolutely love sewing with the Liberty cottons because they're so soft and the colors stay vibrant. (Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, hang to dry.) Pearl wears hers as pajamas some nights, but they look just as great wrinkled in the mornings as they do ironed for church. I made this one out of the purple flowers and added vintage trim:
Time flies!!!


Tie Headbands!

I came up with the Liberty of London tie headbands out of total desperation. A few months ago I got a horrible haircut, and the only things that would keep my hair back were bobby pins and my fabric headbands. I tied one on Lela while I was changing her diaper and she loved it!!!
I also found this picture of me and Pearl at the beach ...
And came up with these!
The Liberty cottons are so fabulous- pictures don't really do them justice!! The best part is that Lela barely notices when she has one on, since they're so soft and light weight. 
They come in 2 sizes (0-6 months) above and (6-12+ months) below:
There's no perfect way to tie it, especially on a moving target, but that's what I love about them! You can untie it completely to readjust and there's a few inches of elastic so it slides on and off easily. 
Now when people peek in the stroller there's no question if it's a boy or a girl!!!
Above she's wearing the 0-6 months (she's 5 months and has a small head) and below I was testing out the 6-12 months, so you can see the difference in sizes. If you like a bigger bow, just size up!
I'd love to see how your little ones wear their JWK goods!!! Share your photos on Instagram with hashtag #SHOPJWK and be sure to follow me @SHOPJWK to get special sales and offers!
Like these vintage crochet flower clips that I dyed and hand sewed. There's only 6 available right now and if you head over to Instagram they are $8 with free shipping. If you aren;t on Instagram, just leave a comment below with your email address. These turquoise and coral flowers will be so cute for the 4th of July!!!



Our Bedroom Redo!

I loved our old bedroom, but when we upgraded to a king and needed a different headboard, I went with a totally a new look. My decorating budget was nonexistent, so we lucked out when Will's aunt was getting rid of this vintage screen. It was too wide but we removed one of the panels in the middle and it fits right in between the windows! Since it's a tiny room and the bed takes up most of the space, I wanted everything else to stay pretty neutral. I used these bedrooms as my inspiration...

I moved the Greek Key curtains from the living room, and used three of the pillows I made for the sofa. The mirrored lamps from Target were in the sewing room, and I just updated them with new lampshades. I borrowed the bedskirt from my mother in law (it's actually two twin bedskirts on the boxed springs) so the only thing we needed to buy was a king sheet set. FYI- Tuesday Morning stocks Peacock Alley and SFERRA bedding!!!
(One of my all time favorite T issues)
"...the greatest triumph seems to be a life lived with clarity, purpose and simplicity...Sticking to what we must do and want to do for ourselves and others, and editing out much of the unnecessary dreck, is a form of simplicity." -Deborah Needleman
(T Magazine, The Luxury of Simplicity)
For me, the key to a serene bedroom (especially when it's tiny like ours) is to keep it well-edited and completely free of clutter. Even if it means throwing things in the closet and shutting the door :)
I had to move my vanity desk since it was too cramped, so I replaced the smaller mirror with one that I borrowed from my parents' house. The pair of pineapple sconces still hold my bracelets and brooches, but I had to come up with a new spot to get ready... 
I had this vintage box that my bamboo mirror fit perfectly in, and I secured it with some 3M adhesives so it can open and close to conserve space on Will's bedside table. Right now I'm just using this cheap Ikea table we had, but I'd love to slipcover it like Jenny's skirted console.
For the bedding, I used two flat sheets with a white duvet in between, tucked into the ends with
hospital corners for a nice, crisp look. Now the duvet doesn't get kicked onto the floor, and to make the bed I simply fold them all forward and toss the 3 pillows in front! It's great because instead of stripping the whole bed every time, I just throw the top sheets in the washer without messing with unbuttoning the duvet cover. My least favorite part!
Everyone stresses about the nursery getting finished before the baby comes, but I think your bedroom should be top priority, especially if you have older kids that want to cuddle. Lela used the vintage bassinet that all our babies have used, and I love how it blended in with all our bedding. We spent so much time in our bedroom the first few months, piled in the bed while I nursed or reading books and watching TV.
As for the toile curtains, I moved those to the living room...
And I used throw pillows I already had for the sofa, including the silk ikat one that used to be on our bed. I also made one out of the extra toile from our bed skirt and dyed tassels to match.

Our gallery wall with the waterlogue app:
My mom graciously hemmed all the curtains for me so they stay off the floor. She sewed two toile panels together on either side, so now we can completely close them for naps on the couch!
I painted the coffee table red on a whim, so we have a whole new look going on in the living room too!!!