Dye Job

If you want a quick transformation, RIT dye can make that happen. I had leftover white taffeta fabric from a dress I made my sister-in-law and used the scraps to make pillows. I dyed individual strips of fabric and sewed them together to get a wide range of hues.

There are a number of dyeing techniques but I prefer to dye fabrics and trims in pots on the stove top for a more accurate and controlled color. For this project I made separate dye baths for each color, starting with a weak dye bath (more water to dye) and slowly adding more dye for the darker strips. For the pink dye bath I added a little red and for the green dye bath I added a little blue. The ColoRIT Color Formula Guide is a very helpful tool to get you going. Throw your white Hanes V-necks or your white jean shorts from last season in the wash with a packet of RIT for a fresh look. You can purchase RIT in liquid or powder form at the grocery store, art supply store, or online. The options are endless.

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