Straw Please!

My go-to accessories for spring and summer are straw purses, bags, and hats. They are versatile and inexpensive so you can afford to add (or lose) a few each season. While I usually pick mine up at thrift stores and flea markets, Etsy carries a wide variety online. If you miss out on any of these below, search "Vintage: straw _____ " for similar results.

Lauren Moffatt's Spring line is full of straw accessories.

Black+White $22

Floral Clutch $14

Envelope Clutch $12.50

Tan Belt $6

Seafoam Green Belt $10

Wide Brim Hat $26
I picked up this straw hat in Deauville last summer but unfortunately it didn't make it back with us. I'm already on the lookout for its replacement!

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I have the smartest, cutest most darling daughter-in-law!!!xo Granny