Shopping at the Museum

No matter what city I'm in, I always visit the museums to browse the exhibits, eat in the restaurants, and explore the gift shops. They're filled with such interesting accessories, objects, and books that are hard to find and always out of the ordinary. My all time favorite gift shops are 107Rivoli in Paris and the V&A Shop in London.
I finally made it to the Alice Neel exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts last week, which I highly recommend. We were one day too late for the Sargent and the Sea but still managed to reap the benefits at the gift shop, as all sea-inspired merchandise was 50% off. I found this adorable pair of star fish earrings for $7 and could have easily scooped up all the coral.

A museum gift shop seems like the last place to go jewelry shopping, but if you saw these crocheted pieces by Claudia Lobao, you might think otherwise!

No trip to the MFAH is complete without paying a visit to The Corn Poppy...I bought her postcard so I can have her framed at home...

(P was more into spelling words in the atrium than seeing the art)

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Katherine said...

She is sooo smart! And, I want that gold crochet necklace. It is AMAZING!!!