Summer Fashion

After many weekends away and a little one currently under the weather, we didn't stray very far from home this weekend. Lucky for me, the mailman came baring gifts on Saturday! I can't remember the last time I read an entire issue of Vogue in one sitting, let alone the same day it was delivered!

I'm a big fan of Vogue. I love everything about it...Anna Wintour, photo shoots styled by Grace, and pages full of glamorous women donning the latest runway looks. And while I like to keep up with each season's trends, I am often left feeling hopeless and lost in today's (more like tomorrow's) far-fetched fashions. The June issue of Vogue is packed with summer treasures, 10 of which are featured in The Summer Sizzle List for 2010. And since wearing a tweed jacket as a cover-up in the Texas heat sounds miserable, and a tiny white bikini could be disastrous chasing after a 2 year old, here's a few looks I'm willing to try this summer:

1. A wide-brimmed hat

This straw hat from J.Crew is great because it's not too floppy and it's made with paper straw, which packs up easily. I would even add grosgrain ribbon for a pop of color, similar to this look.

2. A high-waisted Hollywood-goddess swimsuit

This one from Anthropologie in basic black reminds me of Grace Kelly in To Catch A Thief. Timeless and chic!

3. A blouse with an I Love Lucy print...
Leopard spots? No thanks. Polka dots? Absolutely!

This French Connection blouse could be paired with skirts and shorts in the summer and then black skinny jeans in the fall. And since polka dots never go out of style, keep your eye out for vintage tops like this one I found on etsy.

4. Bangles that look like they came from a market in Zanzibar, to wear on both arms.
I've never been to Zanzibar, but I love this colorful 12-pack of bangles. It only costs $12, so you could actually afford to wear them up both arms.

So the next time you're flipping through fashion magazines and feel overwhelmed with the latest trends, try to pick out looks that are practical for your style. Keep in mind your everyday wardrobe but don't be afraid to choose something out of the ordinary, as long as you will actually wear it. And if you shop smart and avoid full out fads, you'll be able to reinvent them for the upcoming seasons. Bonne Chance!

(To see more from the June issue of Vogue and Blake Lively's cover shoot click HERE.)

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Jackie Wygant said...

I miss having Vogue, it came when my girls were here :)