Time for Dinner

Food blogs are without a doubt my favorite blogs to browse. Don't get me wrong, I love home and fashion blogs, but scrumptious pictures of food and drink really draw me in. The only catch is that no matter how long and hard I drool over the perfectly styled presentations, nothing seems to motivate me to get cooking. It all seems a little too out of my league. That's why I was thrilled to come across Dinner: A Love Story, a blog written by the co-author of Time for Dinner. The recipes aren't ground-breaking and complex (I'll bet Aunt Lela has them all memorized) but that's why I love them...

So tonight I'm attempting the Perfect Roast Chicken. It requires minimal preparation and looks delicious. The true test will be if my husband likes it, as he has mastered the Herb Roasted Chicken from Cooks Illustrated that makes this recipe look like a cinch.

Up next on my list to try are grilled fish tacos. Maybe I'll even have a go at chicken pot pie!

And since I've been craving chocolate chip cookies for days now, I'm off to make a batch!

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Lissa said...

So I don't always like cabbage on my fish tacos----instead I will shred/grate zucchini-----YUM!!!!