Ballerina Take 2

Before I took the sweet picture of Pearl loving on her Dad, we had to get one thing straight: NO BUNS. I've tried, time and time again, to tame those luscious locks with bobby pins, clips, pony tails, braids...you name it. She can sense when it's coming. And with 95ยบ heat, you would think a little bun might feel nice. Not for this little one. Here's how it usually goes down:
She thinks I'm about to start chasing her in the last one. Because that's usually what happens. Look, she's telling Will all about it in the next picture. "Can you believe her? How has she not figured it out by now? Tell her I LIKE MY HAIR DOWN!"


Jackie said...

love that look on Will's face!

Katherine said...

Me too! And... in the first one, that look of terror that P has with her hair in a bun..She looks so much like you in that one, Jenna!