For the Men

Finding a gift for the man in your life, whether it be a husband or father, can get a little bland: neck ties, boxers, house shoes. It's hard to get excited about something that's been done a million times over. But why should shopping for a male figure be anything less exciting than shopping for ourselves? For a little gift giving inspiration, let's look at the refined style of Pitti Uomo that is happening right now in Florence. The Italian menswear tradeshow, which is a fashion scene in itself, brings out the best in men's style. It's a breath of fresh air in a world of blah blues and khaki overload. These looks are classic, pulled together, and out of the ordinary in small and subtle ways. Stripes and polka dots in one outfit? A neon belt with a conservative outfit? Why not! Even if your man isn't into skinny jeans and slim cut blazers (mine surely isn't) I think the Italian men are onto something.With just a touch of color or pattern, a whole new look is born. It takes me back to a simpler time, when logos and trends were unheard of and we dressed for the weather rather than the season...
How they roll a cuff or what dress socks they wear sets these dapper men apart from the rest. Not to mention that dynamite purple cardigan! And since not much changes in silhouette and fit from season to season, you can afford to add pieces here and there that will last for years to come. So when you're gifting your fathers and future dads, add a little pizazz that is sure to win them over. Just remember to save your receipts!

Update his reading glasses with a smart and sophisticated version like these.

Replace his everyday "khaki" pants in an unexpected color like smokey red. Pair it with a cotton blazer and a blue chino for a fresh looking combo.

Swap a solid watch strap with a striped version.

Lighten up with a linen suit in the warmer months...

Wear the blazer with a pair of jeans and a classic linen shirt for a laid back look.

The lace up oxford is always in style.

For dressy occasions, consider a colorful bow tie that will liven up any black tie affair. Or if you don't think your man is quite ready for toucans, ease him into things with a pair of striped socks or a seersucker wallet that can hide in his trousers!

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Katherine said...

You need to take a pic of stylin' Willie in his pops of color!