Kids and Cashmere

J.Crew's crewcuts line for kids has everything you would want in your own fall wardrobe, including sequins, taffeta, and cashmere. I would gladly dress P up in every piece head-to-toe but our dry cleaning bill would double, if not triple with the amount of laundry I do. I'm usually on the lookout for labels with machine wash and tumble dry, not hand wash or dry clean only. (That is unless Granny and G'ma are buying!) Besides, if you start them out in a 2T cashmere cardigan, they'll never want to touch anything made with a poly-blend again. The cashmere and sequins will stay in mom's closet until we can share clothes!
Would you trust this precious face in cashmere?

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Jackie said...

Yes I would put that precious face in cashmere! but G'ma knows you would not want to care for it or worry about food getting on it :)