The first twelve months of P's life are well documented and neatly stored away in a baby book and photo album. Then somewhere along the way I stopped putting pictures into albums and now I have hundreds to print and organize. Luckily Ritz Camera has 6¢ prints on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with white borders just the way I like them. And since I need an easy system for storing pictures (so this doesn't happen again, hah!) I ordered picture sleeves and these Kolo Trivino Binders. They come in adult-friendly colors that I will gladly display on our bookshelves!


Katherine said...

I need you to do mine too! This is something that haunts me almost daily. I need to at least get wedding/honeymoon pics organized before the baby comes and I focus on that!!! Any suggestions or motivational speeches you can give me. :)

JWK said...

Honestly, until I found these binders I wasn't very motivated either! I've started the hardest part: editing all the photos and putting them on CDs. I hope to print a few months at a time, then I can slip them into the pockets and finally get caught up! No telling how long that will take but at least I have everything I need now...I think the trick is finding a system that works and one that you can stick with. Good luck!

JWK said...

I also stopped tagging it onto my TO DO list like it would get done in an afternoon!