Traveling Light

Since I've been reliving our trip from last summer, I thought I'd share my tips for traveling light! We were in Europe for 10 days and moved locations quite a bit, so we didn't want to be weighed down with luggage. With some strategic packing, I was able to pack everything in our two Longchamp bags and didn't re-wear a single outfit!

Black tank, 5 ways!
I paired my black Michael Stars tank with a black pencil skirt, printed shorts, gold skirt, wrap skirt, and black jeans to create 5 versatile looks. These outfits range from casual daytime to dressy night time attire and can be layered with accessories and scarves.

I love a tie belt that can also be worn with a black dress to create a new look!
Black skirt, 3 ways!
This knit Alice+Olivia pencil skirt is my go-to travel piece because it rolls up and doesn't show wrinkles. I can pair it with a conservative sweater, flashy blouse, or ruffled top and it is the perfect length with flats or heels. I belt it tucked out, tucked in, and it doesn't stretch out with multiple wears.
I layered my grandmother's black slips with a long tank and belted it. This outfit takes up no space at all. I always like traveling with slips, in case you pick up something along the way that needs one!
Jeans, tanks, cardigans, and scarves are all great for layering. I stick to black and white cardigans that match everything and add color with scarves. I like a silk one as a head band at the beach, a soft one for train rides, and a light weight version for cold museums. You can never have too many!
My nightgown doubled as a swimsuit coverup at the beach and browsing the markets in Deauville. We took an old sheet for picnics but tossed it to make room for purchases on the way back!
I prefer dresses that don't need ironing and roll up nicely. Add belts for versatility and take a pair of tights in case it gets cool at night.
Jewelry is the easiest way to add color and maximize your basics without taking up much space. I throw it all in a jewelry pouch so I always have options!

As for shoes, I took my gold T strap sandals, black and silver ballet flats, and a pair of flip flops. I would have taken a pair of heels but with all the walking and biking, I opted not to. And I was happy to have the extra space!
Purses...I took one with a long strap that I wore across my shoulder for travel days and packed my black Longchamp purse. My wallet doubled as my clutch for nights out and I used my orange envelope pouch for loose papers. I like to throw in a collapsible bag like my Whole Foods one to consolidate sacks while shopping. And since nothing screams tourist like a French dictionary, I made a book cover out of pretty paper!
The trip!
Packing Tips

1. Go for a few color schemes that overlap: I went with gold and black, black and red, red and navy. The key is to have enough combinations that work together to create different looks.
2. Accessorize! Long strands of beads are lightweight and can be wrapped as necklaces or bracelets. I like to wear my pearl studs and switch out the rest of my jewelry so I don't lose any pairs.
3, Layers, layers, layers. You never know what the day will entail so pack a scarf or cardigan in your bag to be prepared!
4. Be realistic, only take what you KNOW you will wear.
5. Use your destination as inspiration! The women in France are simple, chic, and pulled together. I'm always amazed at how practical they dress so I tried to do the same.

"When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money." Susan Heller


Julie and Luke said...

Can I just fold you up and put you in my travel bag for a Europe trip? I'd like that.

You're a genius! ALWAYS great tips!!


The Sunset Goddess said...

Hi, May I know the size of your Longchamp Le Pliage travel bags? I want to get mine in black as well but I can't decide whether I should get the large or the extra large (the extra large might be too big for me since I'm petite?). Thanks! I love love this post :) will take note of your tips :)

JWK said...

It's the x-large le pliage, highly recommend it for traveling!!!