Bold Hues

I love a space that really makes an impact, draws you in, but isn't overkill. Color is the one thing that always stops me dead in my tracks, whether it's on the walls or in the fabric. It doesn't take much, but when you really go for it with bold hues the result can be draw dropping!
The yellow chairs are by far my favorite thing about this room, but it's the other colors that really make them pop. The blue and green in the artwork and sofa are so calming, especially with all that natural light flowing in.
The red walls in this living room have been on my mind for months! I love the contrast against the bright white trim, the black table, and metallic lamps. As always, pillows are a great way to bring in color without too much commitment. And fresh flowers never hurt! By keeping a few key pieces neutral, like the sofa and rug, the room stays balanced and sophisticated.
I also love an unpredictable pop of color, like the inside of this armoire. The gold and white china would look so drab without that blue background! Add color in places that you least expect it, you won't regret it!

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