I'm all for quality over quantity, investing in key pieces, and buying things that last multiple seasons. I'm also a girl on a budget that can't resist a good bargain. Unfortunately it's about this time of the year that I get stuck in a rut: sick of my summer clothes yet it's too hot for fall clothes. All I want is a few pieces to liven up my closet that won't break the bank. When I was cleaning out recently I promised myself to limit my "cheap" purchases because they're always the first to go. Luckily Love 21, the contemporary line of Forever 21, is noticeably better in quality and fabrics. The sizing is a little more forgiving so you don't feel foolish trying to squeeze your womanly figure into tween sizes. (Note: There's still plenty of polyester and rayon so be sure to check the fabric content before getting near any flames!) For anyone expecting, check out the newly launched Love 21 Maternity. With free shipping over $40, you can skip the blaring music and long lines altogether... Happy shopping!
Side Swept Skirt $18
Wool Wrap Dress $28
Pleated Skirt $20

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