The Shirtwaist Dress certainly isn't what it used to be! Now you can find them in flattering silhouettes with modern updates like zippers, shirring, and pleating. One of my favorites this season is the Military Trench Shirtdress, first spotted on the runways at Celine. Phoebe Philo proved that khaki is anything but drab with sharp tailoring and a cinched waist! If you're looking for a slender silhouette, try one with stretch that won't lose its shape. If the bust area is an issue, there's customized shirtdresses by Rebecca & Drew that guarantee a sure fit. It's a versatile dress to have in your closet for all occasions and to dress up or down. Come fall, throw on leggings and booties to keep your look going!


Katherine said...

What's your take on shirt dresses on preggers girls???

JWK said...

Love them! Look for one that has a defined waist to make it flattering from the back. And it always helps to have some stretch! Here's one from Laundry that I like:



Katherine said...

Thank you!!! Dresses are just so comfortable. I dread getting into pants right now. Except, I found soem fantastic maternity jeans at gap that are stretchy and flattering! xo