1st Day of School

For me, the 1st Day of School brings back memories of brand new outfits and shiny shoes. For a 2 year old that doesn't know the difference between The 1st Day of School and Any-Other-Day-of-the-Year, we went with a dress that P has worn many times, one that wouldn't cause any anxiety. (Been there, done that.) I made it from a hand-me-down Zara skirt, the kind of linen that gets softer over time...
As far as the 1st Day of School stories go, it's hard to get much out of a 2 year old. All I know is that she made friends at lunch because I found 1 half-eaten cheeto amidst a bunch of grapes. And I didn't send her with any cheetos. Other than that, "we love school" and "want to go back everyday." Whew.


Kristen said...

Hey Jenna,
You should start making and selling little girls dresses. I would definitely buy them!

cindy gatewood said...

Precious Pearl!!

JWK said...

Thanks Kristen! I'd love to see cute Ellory in my dresses! xo