Ahoy Mate!

I needed a last minute Halloween costume this week so I busted out my grandfather's navy uniform. I can't believe it fits! He served in WWII during the early 1940s and it's still in mint condition. I'm thinking about wearing the wool pants when it cools down a bit. I hear wide leg pants are making a comeback!
I'm loving my new pocket T, on sale for $19.99 at Gap. You can't tell, but it's the perfect length for jeggings and boots. Thanks for the heads up Joslyn!
Postcard from 1943...
Love you Paw Paw!

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Jackie said...

That looks so cool on you! Your detail in photos is amazing...when I looked at it I saw "uniform" when you looked at it you saw so much detail...
and I think those pants would look very chic with heels...Paw Paw loved the post!