Party Skirt

As you may already know by now, I ♥ hand me downs! Especially when they come from your mother-in-law who has great taste!! I made this skirt for Pearl using an old Tracy Reese pencil skirt. There wasn't a whole lot of fullness to work with, so I did small pleats with an elastic waist band in the back. The light-weight wool is perfect for fall and I was able to make the lining out of the original silk one. Now I kind of wish I'd made it for myself!
Here's Pearl wearing it at my sister's birthday party. Looks like Aunt Lauren might have slipped her a few martinis when I wasn't looking!!
Thanks for the picture Kari!


Jackie said...

Seen in person today when Pearl wore it for our trip to the zoo...Pearl got lots of compliments on it from the ticket takers at the dinosaur exhibit! the skirt is very chic! (like her mom and her Granny Kate!)

JWK said...

And her G'MA!! She's STILL talking about the zoo!!! xoxo

bonnie tsang said...

too cute! :)