Vintage Barbie

My grandmother was an amazing seamstress, especially when it came to Barbie clothes. If you've ever dressed a Barbie you know how tiny each arm opening and button hole is! Luckily my Mom has saved her Barbies and ours over the years, along with all the fabulous clothes her Mom sewed and knitted. We pulled them out for P and we've been having a ball playing dress up! The snaps, pleats, and pockets are perfectly sewn and her attention to detail is outstanding. Unfortunately I never got to meet my grandmother since she passed away before I was born, but I'm so thankful we have these clothes to remember her by. I'm sure we would have been fast friends, sewing Barbie clothes and discussing seam finishes. Enjoy!
Sundress (Front and Back)

Pink Sheath Dress

Strapless Dress and Matching Suit

Barbie and Ken's Jackets

'Crazy Hair' Barbie from the 80's
My mom also kept her Barbie cases and 1960's convertible, all of which are now resting peacefully on Pearl's bookshelves. P took her Barbies out for a spin in the convertible before it went out of reach. Please excuse the topless Barbies!!

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annie said...

FANTASTIC!! thanks for sharing such a cute post. love old school barbies :)