Advent Calendar How-To

I can't believe it! Our Advent Calendar is ready before Thanksgiving!! Using the supplies I mentioned last week, you can put yours together in a few easy steps. The burlap was extremely durable to work with, but you could also use canvas or linen.
1. Cut 4 strips of burlap (about 3 1/2"x15"). Fold over the top edge 1/2" and sew to prevent fraying. I used the selvage edge for the bottoms since it was already sewn.
2. Pin and sew your 4 rows of burlap onto a bigger piece of burlap to create the grid for your numbers. My boxes (6 across, 4 down) were about 2 1/2" apart. You will also need to sew the bottom edges down, sewing right over the selvage thread.
3. Create an opening for your rod by folding over and sewing the top edge (about 1") and trim around the outer edges.
4. Cut your numbers out and attach with a hot glue gun.
5. Attach/Sew kitchen twine, ribbon, or extra burlap to hang from the top.
Before I could even brainstorm about what I should put in the boxes, Pearl filled them with dinosaurs...
So now we have a dinosaur Advent Calendar!

If you don't have a sewing machine, try a hot glue gun or stapler where the stitching is. Not great with a hot glue gun? Try the Recycle Bin Advent Calendar made with tape, a glue stick, and paper from your recycling bin.


Jackie (G'ma) said...

Dinosaurs in pockets - but of course! Love the red boa! Wonderful construction Jenna!

JWK said...

Not quite sure how we're going to tie dinosaurs into Advent season!!

Jackie said...

with Pearl, dinosaurs tie in to everything!