Button Down Blouses

One of my favorite things for Fall is the slouchy blouse. There's so many options (colors, fabrics, details, etc.) and they are ridiculously easy to throw on with jeans+boots. They look a little unflattering on the hanger but look for a longer, leaner silhouette or one that can be tucked into a high waisted skirt. I found this red one at Goodwill ($5) that looks a whole lot like this one at Madewell. The thing I love about lady-like fashions this season is that they've already been done, so vintage is a great way to go. Minus the shoulder pads! This Neiman's blouse (major score for $5) is 100% silk and the shirring is divine! I'd like to try it with a sequin mini or go for the monochromatic look.
Fashionologie and Fashionista both did extensive blouse roundups recently so check out your options! If you go the vintage route, pay NO attention to the sizes. This red blouse is a size 10 and fits more like a 2 and the blue blouse (size 4) fits like a 0. And an added bonus...you'll be seeing them come Spring 2011 too! Bon chance!

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Katherine said...

Love the slouchy blouse!