Baby It's Cold Outside

Holiday parties are in full swing so if you're getting your outfits together, consider a shorter hem line with tights and heels. Whether you prefer thick tights or thin hose, you don't have to sacrifice style for warmth. Open toe, peep toe, booties, they all work well with tights. Mix things up with patterned tights from Cynthia Rowley or add a pop of color with bright pumps and an all black ensemble. I love the Terrific Tights by Sara Blakely (Spanx girl) at Target for a black matte look. And for black sheer hose, I get old fashioned L'eggs at the drugstore. The best part is, you don't need a fresh pedicure! For this weekend's back to back fĂȘtes I'm going with a red and gold skirt, black tights, and lace up booties. Fa la la!


Anna Jay said...

I also heard about these fleece lined tights from plush. http://plush-apparel.com/products.php

Anyone tried them?

JWK said...

Those look fabulous! If it got cold enough here I'd definitely be getting a pair! They don't even look bulky.