Room Service

I love a turned down bed (who doesn't??) so I was excited to find a way to achieve the look with a simple duvet cover. It literally takes me two seconds to make the bed now so I don't have an excuse not to! All you need to get started are 2 top sheets and a duvet. Since we don't sleep with a top sheet, I used one that matches our striped fitted sheet (Shabby Chic from Target) and the other one is the Pearl Embroidered Sheet from Pottery Barn.
First I laid out both sheets with the duvet in the middle. Since they were slightly different, I trimmed them to the appropriate size, leaving a 1/2" seam allowance around the edges.
For the opening, I did an invisible zipper at the foot of the bed but you could also use buttonholes or ties. Pin right sides together and sew around the perimeter. Turn inside out (topstitch seam on the top edge optional) and insert the duvet!
Here's a close up, with the stripes on the bottom and the embroidered top sheet folded over. I like to mix pillows and shams, but if you want yours to coordinate with the duvet, most sheet sets come with matching shams. I'd love to get a white set monogrammed but for now I'm using pinstripe pillow cases we already had. I try to limit the throw pillows (since they always end up on the ground!) and this one I made out of an embroidered Manuel Canovas fabric.
For the bedskirt, I wanted something similar to this linen one I saw at Indulge...
I really wanted to avoid making it so I was excited to find one on clearance for $11! The only problem is that it was a few inches too short, so I bought another one to make a second layer.
Using the scraps from the duvet cover, I sewed a band around the top of the bedskirt approximately 4 inches wide, so it would be long enough to fall nicely at the floor. I attached it to the other bedskirt underneath, sewing around all 3 sides.
(side view)
Voila! To be honest, I didn't really know what I was getting into when I bought the 2nd bedskirt but I'm really happy with the way it turned out. Especially since it only cost $22! As for the art above the bed, it's currently a page from our coffee table book hanging from a scrap of fabric. I'm hoping that Will can paint us something else this weekend!
Sweet dreams!!


LibbyKingman said...

You rule!

LibbyKingman said...

and youre inspiring!