That's Just Peachy!

I've always stayed away from peach but lately I can't get it off my mind. I think the key is adding another layer of color and some bling in the mix. (Gold mirror at The Tides South Beach, yes please!) It goes well with white, cream, tangerine, even chambray, which gives you infinite possibilities to work with this season...

Option 1.
Topshop suede skirt with a cream top (tucked in)

Option 2.
Break up an all peach palette with a tangerine ribbon at the waist (à la Tory Burch Spring '11)

Option 3.
Pair it with any color of the Ladurée rainbow!


Burkha said...

Love the peachy touch.
I adore the shoes on the third picture from the bottom. And the last picture...aah! makes me wanna frame it!
will follow this blog, is so entertaining to watch, I never get tired!

JWK said...

Thanks for reading!!