Heat Embossing How-To

P has requested a pink brachiosaurus birthday party and since you only turn 3 once, why not!! I found dinosaur stamps on Ebay and we went to Paper Source for the invitations. I got talked into buying ZAP! The Embossing Heat Tool and now I think I'm more excited about the invites than she is! Here's how it works...
(They also sell a No Spill Tray Mate but I just used a paper plate.)
1. Apply the stamp with the watermark ink.
2. Sprinkle the stamped image with embossing tinsel.
(Tap off excess tinsel)
3. Heat emboss!
A Brachiosaurus Brunch...


Kristen said...

i might have to do this for E's party!

elissa, ebb & flow said...

awesome! i've never heard of ZAP. i'm off to learn more!

cindy gatewood said...

That is so cute that P is obsessed
with dinosaurs! (kind of like
Ellery and Star Wars!!)
Hope you post pics of the party!