Pashmina Wrap Skirt

I mentioned wearing a pashmina as a wrap skirt recently and wanted to show the step-by-step how-to. I like my pashminas to be long and wide (approximately 30" by 75") so they aren't see-through or too short. Woven scarves work best because you can pull them tight and there's still a little room to sit, squat, or eat a big dinner!
(This is a mirror image)
Hold your pashmina out in both hands.
Pull the right side over with your right hand so the edge is where your side seam would be. Grab enough fabric at the top to eventually knot, and pull tight across your stomach. You don't want a lot of bulk so smooth the fabric out.
Grab the fabric up at the top with your left hand now and bring the rest of the pashmina across to the right side with your right hand. The hem will be a little uneven at this point but you can readjust it at the end.
Keep wrapping the pashmina around the back with your right hand.
Knot your two ends together!
At this point you can readjust the waistline and the length. I like mine slightly high-waisted and for this one I shifted the knot to the opposite hip so the fringe is in front. I'm wearing my seamless Anthropologie tank but you could also wear a simple V-neck tee or a rib tank.
My fish wrap is closer to 40" wide so it's a little longer in length.
Hope that helps!!


Kate said...

not quite getting the coverage....oh my butt is just a tad bit larger than yours... maybe I will try a king size sheet!xoxoxoxoM.I.L.!!!

Allison said...

Genius! Thanks sweet friend! Loved our chat last night! xoxo