How To Sew A Pillow

What you need: Fabric front, Fabric back, Pillow form, Scissors, Seam ripper, Pins, Thread
Optional: Trim, Hidden zipper
After you choose your fabric (cotton and linen are the easiest to work with) figure out how much you need (1 yard=36 inches). I wanted a 20" pillow so I cut two 21" squares in order to have 1/2" seam allowances.
Since I'm using two napkins from World Market as my pillow fabric, I undid the hem with a seam ripper before getting started.
(My white ball trim is from JoAnn's and it comes in a rainbow of colors.)
If you have any kind of trim, cording, ruffle, etc. pin it to the front piece with the trim facing in.
Sew your trim on with a zipper foot.
(If you aren't using trim, start with this step.)
Pin right sides together and sew, leaving an opening on one edge for your hidden zipper or hand sewing. If you have stripes or a pattern to match up on either side, be sure to pin accordingly.
Press your seams and turn right sides out.
If the corners are too bulky, trim and clip them around the edges.
Insert your pillow form. You can find them at most interior fabric stores or online. I like my pillows full, so I buy one size up. For example, I'm using a 22" pillow form for a 20" pillow.
Insert your invisible zipper...
(Susan does a really good job explaining how to sew a hidden zipper.)
...Or sew it shut with a needle and thread!!
There are so many options when it comes to sewing pillows and once you know the basic technique you're good to go! Here are a few: flanges, cording, bolster, ruffles, tassels, round, button closures.

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