Weekend Away

We were in Austin for the weekend (just the two of us) and managed to hit all of our favorite spots. As always, we felt right at home at The Leon House and can't wait to get back!
In no particular order...
The Greenbelt followed by a dip at Barton Springs, drinks at Jeffrey's, yard sales, much needed eye candy at Wildflower, cheap beers and a fantastic view at Dry Creek, a tasty dinner at Lamberts, a new keychain from Breed's, vintage shopping at Feathers (moi), running at Town Lake (Will), late night pizza at Cipollina, a souvenir for P at Nau's, and Crown & Anchor on the way out of town. Whew!!

1 comment:

cindy gatewood said...

WOW!! Busy, fun time in Austin!
You were literally around the
corner from us when you were
at Dry Creek...call and stop
by sometime,