African Treasures

My in-laws just returned from Uganda and brought back a few things from the market that instantly added life to my summer wardrobe. This tablecloth works great as a scarf with my white jeans and layered tanks and the hot pink tote brings a smile to my face every time I carry it!
During their trip they helped build a new home for a woman named Jaja in a small village in southern Uganda. While I was caught up in choosing paint colors and packing up the old house, it was so nice to be reminded of what truly defines a home...
"Is it a beautiful structure with beautiful furniture? Or is it a community surrounded by neighbors who know and care for each other even though their needs are great and resources limited? We learned for ourselves what home is. It is a place where family and friends gather and commune. Jaja's very humble mud structure did not define her home. Her presence and those surrounding her did." -Libby

(You can read more about their experience and Empower African Children HERE.)

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