Bringing up Bèbè

"But much about 'French' parenting doesn't depend on where you live, or require access to certain types of cheese. It's as accessible in Cleveland as in Cannes. It mostly requires a parent to shift how she conceives of her relationship to her children and what she expects from them."
-Bringing up Bèbè

I thought Pamela Druckerman's book about raising children in France was fascinating. Particularly the parts about how French women view motherhood and the various roles they play. With a 3-year-old and new baby on the way, the book was also a nice reminder that we're all dealing with similar situations like sleeping through the night and how to teach children what's acceptable. There's always room for improvement. I didn't think any of the parenting philosophies in the book were exclusively French but they do have a more eloquent way of saying things!

(Listen to the author's interview with NPR)

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