Heart Bag How-To

I keep forgetting to post the directions for these heart-stamped goody bags I made for Valentine's Day. They were really simple to make and you could personalize them for any occasion. I recommend using a cotton or linen (I used unbleached muslin which you can find for less than $5/yard at any fabric store). If you're using a stamp, VersaCraft Ink Pads are great for fabrics. You also need something to cinch your bag with like twine, rope, or ribbon. I used baker's twine that was already in the pantry.

Decide how big you want your finished bag to be. Mine were approximately 5"x6" so I cut one piece of fabric 6"x 14" and folded it in half. Pin the sides together and sew. Keep the bag inside out. Cut 2 lengths of your string and knot the ends. Mine were about 26" long.
Fold over the top of the bag 1/2" and 1/2" again, with the 2 pieces of string inside the casing. Pin around the edge. Cut a small hole on either side of the bag and pull both ends of your string through each hole.

Sew around the top edge, making sure you don't sew the string.

Turn right side out and knot your ends together.

I put a piece of paper inside the bag so the stamp didn't bleed through. After it dries, iron the stamp to seal it.
Insert goodies, cinch and tie a bow!

Once you get the hang of it they go really quickly. I made a bigger one for myself to use as a jewelry pouch for traveling...

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