The Bigger Picture

I love looking at old family photos with all the vintage details in the background that make them so special. Things like furniture, wallpaper, and trinkets that usually have a story to go along with them. I never think to zoom out when I'm taking pictures because the surroundings seem so familiar.
While we were at my in-laws last weekend, I tried to include as much of the house as possible in each picture. The tiny hummingbird and ceramic turtle P plays with, her favorite hiding spots, and all the things she'll hopefully enjoy seeing someday.
It's obviously harder with a sleeping newborn, but I love the whole picture. So much more interesting with the purple bedroom walls and unmade bed. 
(Sorry Kate!)

I love seeing what's in the background too-like Will's self portrait- that will hopefully be ours someday!! I wish I had started doing this sooner with all of our pictures around the house.
Especially since our last two houses are starting to run together!  

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