Nap Mat How-To

Before P started preschool, I had no idea what a nap mat was or how expensive they were. Since this is the last year she needs one, I wanted to be able to reuse it (or at least the pillows) and clean it easily. I used an old duvet cover for the fabric, bias tape for the straps, and 3 invisible zippers to insert the pillows.
Keep reading for all the details!
A standard size pillow measures 20"x26" so I cut my fabric 27" across and 61" long to allow for 1/2" seam allowances and 3 pillows. Depending on how tall your child is and what size pillows you use, the measurements will vary. Pin and sew the two layers of fabric (right sides together), around 3 of the sides. Leave one long side open to insert the invisible zippers. 
Before I inserted the zippers, I measured and pinned 20" from each edge, where the seams would need to be for the pillows. Then I sewed the three 22" invisible zippers with my #35 zipper foot along the open edge.
Zip the zippers shut and make sure you don't have any gaps between them. If so, turn right sides out and sew them shut with a regular zipper foot. Now sew your two layers of fabric together 20" from each edge, creating three pillow cases that open separately on the side.  
For the straps, I used bias tape so they would stretch a little and make it easier to roll up. To figure out the length of the straps, I pinned them and adjusted accordingly before sewing and attaching the snaps.
I inserted the snaps with the Snap Attaching Tool but velcro would also work for little hands. 
Let me know if you have any questions!


Anonymous said...

Did you sew the straps on before sewing the end closed?

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