Made With Love!

One of the many perks of having a mom that sews is that she's able to create something completely original. For Frederick's christening outfit, I really wanted a long-sleeved jumpsuit with white smocking and I love how it turned out!!

It was such a perfect day being surrounded by all of our family. And the buttermilk cake was DELICIOUS!!  
My mom also made Pearl's christening gown, using a combination of our wedding dresses. The leftover brocade from my wedding dress (which my mom made) was the lining and the lace from her dress was the bodice and overlay.
The pleated skirt actually wraps across the front so the brocade peaks out underneath. It's such a sweet dress!!


kayce hughes said...

You have a very beautiful and talented mother!

cindy gatewood said...

Sweet pics..lucky you and lucky