Paper Mache Boxes

These 99¢ boxes are the perfect size for a quick and easy DIY project. I'm using one as a gift box and made the other into a pin cushion for myself. Great for cheap, last minute Christmas ideas!
I brushed on a generous amount of Mod Podge and covered the first box with thick wrapping paper. I recommend doing the lid with two pieces of paper to hide your flaws! I drew my sister-in-law's name for Christmas so I tucked some jewelry inside and wrapped it up with a purple bow.
For the pin cushion, I used fabric and spray paint I already had around the house. I love my tomato, but this one is much more my style! 
I wrapped some muslin around the batting to get the right shape and then pulled it tight with a rubber band. Then I covered it with the velvet and trimmed the excess fabric.
After the spray paint dried, I popped the lid on top and just hid the extra fabric inside. Done and done.
P.S. Did you see these paper mache painted ornaments that Jordan did???

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