Decorating with COLOR for Christmas...

(XOXO Notecards in the Shop!)
I don't think you ever need an excuse to add color around the house, but Christmas time is obviously a good one! Luckily the kids got to decorate with my mother-in-law over Thanksgiving, because the stomach flu wiped us all out this weekend, and at this point I'll be lucky to pull out the ornaments before the baby comes... 
This year I'm really into chartreuse, emerald, coral and pink:

(My in laws just got back from Uganda** and brought back the most incredible handmade goods)
While P was home from school we made a banner and started a paper chain for the tree...
And we made her teacher a Christmas tree ornament with scraps of velvet and filled it with lavender. Perfect to pair with a set of XOXO Notecards!
 I love tying ornaments onto presents, especially the vintage ones... 
These Japanese Paper Ornaments would be fun tied onto simple brown kraft paper with kitchen twine. And don't forget about Vintage Tinsel Garland!! 
Since I won't be doing many DIY projects this year, here's a few I've rounded up...
(Or buy the $8 version from Anthropologie)
Lots of great ideas on the Sisters Guild Blog
Rosemary Place cards/Napkin Rings and 
Pine needle Tassels via Pinterest
(Free printable HERE!)

**To read more about Spirit of Uganda and the kids' AMAZING upcoming tour, click HERE**

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Love all the bright colors!