$5 Flower Arrangements

I needed some last minute, inexpensive teacher gifts last week, so I put together these flower arrangements and they only cost about $5 each! I got 6 bags of flowers and berries (choose 3 for $10) and had enough left over to keep one for our house! I used glass jars (this is our favorite green hot sauce!) for the vases and I found the turquoise sea stars by the flowers. It would be so easy to spray paint the ones you find at the craft store or on the beach! 
First, I took off all the leaves on the stems except the ones right under the flowers (the vases were getting too crowded and they get too murky with all those leaves at the bottom.)I put a tiny bunch of berries on one side and filled the rest with blooms. I needed to save money, but you could also do something similar with peonies and hydrangeas if you have more to spend! I also like using the bigger spider mums, I did all white mums and the lime green berries for Mother's Day arrangements.
I tied on the sea stars and my orange gift tags with raffia, and was out the door with 5 arrangements for under $30! These would be so easy for baby shower/party/table arrangements with vintage ornaments or something fun tied onto the vases.
Last Day of Kindergarten!!!!

I started making these tags because I needed something to tie on for random gifts like these and was always making them at the last minute. They're great when you just need space for a short note or To and From. I use them all the time for birthday presents, tied to a bottle of wine, shower gifts, thank you's, ETC!! 
Right now I have 6 to choose from: Elephant, Bee, XO, Dinosaur, Heart, Merci, and zebra is coming soon! I hand stamp and emboss them and and each set of 6 comes in White, Green, Pink, Teal, Orange, and Yellow Tags with black and white twine.
(Elephant Gold-Embossed Gift Tags with Twine)
I also started doing To Do Lists with this cute vintage stamp!

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