So Ready for Spring!

Between tie dresses and hand-me-downs, I don't shop much for Lela. 
Unless I'm looking for something special, I usually opt for inexpensive dresses and rompers. I got her this purple striped jersey dress for $10 at Old Navy and it also comes in a sweet bird print. I've found the key to making things last longer is not putting them in the dryer. (That goes for women's clothes too!) Just hang it up to dry and you rarely need to iron it. They have so much cute stuff for spring!!
I snagged this one-piece on sale!
I also got this light-weight sweater for myself, that reminded me of this one from Calypso. I've been wearing it with white jeans and plan to throw it on with cut-offs when it warms up.

Use code PREVIEW for 30% off this weekend at Old Navy and if you have a card use code STYLE for 40% EVERYTHING! I also stocked up on new khakis and a chambray shirt for Fred. Happy Weekend!

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