Coffee Table Essentials

The options are endless when it comes to styling your coffee table, depending on what you use it for and in my case, if you have small kids. Some nights we eat dinner around it and clear everything off for a dance party! 
The great thing about styling a coffee table, is that there's no rules! Layer it with whatever brings you joy. I love books and color, so I start with those things and then add texture, greenery, and momentos. Inspiration is everywhere!
When I'm entertaining, I set up another bar on the coffee table to help people congregate around the sofa.
It's always nice to have things like an ice bucket, extra glasses, and cocktail napkins out on the table. 
If you're having a dinner party with kids, you can turn your coffee table into their own cozy spot. Will's aunt always has hers set with food already on the table. It's such a treat for me and them! 
I've also noticed when the plates and napkins are fancy, the meal is much more civilized!
Don't forget about your outdoor spaces as well!!
Treat your porch the same as you would with any other room in the house. Lamps, throw pillows, and garden stools make it a cozy spot for coffee or entertaining.
 Chairish is a great source for buying and selling vintage furniture, especially coffee tables. You can browse all different styles, like this Chinese Black Lacquer table, or a Linen Wrapped table, and I'm loving this Blue and White Mosaic Tile coffee table. See more pictures and inspiration on my Pinterest Coffee Table board!

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