Packing for Camp

P went off to camp for THREE (!) weeks earlier in July, and since it's her first summer away, we stocked up on everything from socks to pillow cases. My mom monogrammed towels and washcloths from IKEA, which I love because of the built-in hooks. I also got the more plush version in white for our house. We bought inexpensive sheets from Target and found the elephant quilt from Marshall's. This cute shower caddy got great reviews and was only $7.99!
We packed a journal and some fun stationary that folds into envelopes for easy addressing...
And found these postcards and bird stamps to match on Amazon... 
As for a laundry bag, I bought the cheapest one I could find and my sweet mom also monogrammed it. We'll see how it holds up. I also ordered a monogrammed vinyl sticker on Etsy to put on her trunk. Three more days until we get her back!
A friend told me about the photo postcards from Ink, so I ordered a picture of her cabin on it and she got it the second week. Easy and only $1.99!

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