Fearless Style

I am constantly amazed by women who exhibit fearless style. Not only have they found their own, authentic style, but they do it in 100% confidence. When I interned for Betsey Johnson I was shocked that she wore the exact same thing everyday. Knit shirts (no bra of course), animal print skirts, a studded belt, and espadrilles. We often washed her clothes at the showroom. I guess when you find what works you might as well stick with it!

"Never run out of two things: toilet paper and champagne!"
Betsey Johnson

Interior designer Kelly Wearstler decorates fun and funky interiors that are anything but dull. She dresses with the same vibrant approach and takes color to a whole new level. You can see more of her fabulous wardrobe in one of her many books, Domicilium Decoratus. And rumor has it, she's venturing into fashion sometime in the future.

"Each room deserves dignity, respect, and a healthy dose of laughter."
Kelly Wearstler

Iris Apfel has paved the way with her outrageous accessories. The Peabody Essex Museum recently ran an exhibit titled Rare Bird of Fashion: The Irreverent Iris Apfel that showed more than 75 looks paired with her signature specs.

"You only have one trip, you might as well enjoy it!"
Iris Apfel

Lately I have been blown away by the over-the-top fashions of Anna dello Russo, the fashion director at large of Vogue Japan. She always seems to get it right, no matter how extravagant she dresses. The way she mixes textures, hues, and proportions is quite fascinating. ADR (as the fashion world refers to her) recently did an interview with Swide Magazine where you can see more of her incredible wardrobe and read more about the surprisingly down-to-earth style icon.

So the next time you're worried your outfit doesn't match or you've over-accessorized, look to these fabulous women who have no fear in expressing their personal style. Bon Chance!

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