Birthday Banner

Since we celebrated P's birthday everywhere but our house, I wanted something festive to hang for the few days we were in town. Inspired by the banners I posted about here, I used scraps of leftover fabric and striped bias trim to make one that could also go in her bedroom. This is a simple sewing project for a birthday party or festive event and it takes very little (uninterrupted) time. P even knows the word triangle now!

I cut out a front and back for each triangle (13 total) and sewed them together about 1/8" from the edge. I wanted a little fraying so I cut close to the stitch to 'finish' the seam.

Then I wrapped the bias tape (you could also use ribbon) around the top of each triangle and sewed it shut.

Now it's hanging in her room with the banner from last year!


Julie and Luke said...

Bias? Running Stitch? What?! Hopefully in the near future I will know what these words mean, but until then I'll drool over your creativity! Thanks for a great idea!
xoxo, J

Katherine said...


Kate said...

too cute!!!!!

JWK said...

Sounds like we might need a little cyberspace sewing class!! xoxo