A Tweak Here or There...

...Makes Any Dress Easy to Wear!
I found this adorable summer dress at Marshalls but the trim was OUT of CONTROL. I skipped the dressing room altogether and took it straight to my dress form. It looked unflattering in more ways than one, but for $29.99 it was worth a try! The tie belt was originally attached to either side of the bust and the outer ruffle extended over the shoulders, so I immediately started cutting. After discarding 3 rows of trim and another layer from the hem, the dress finally started to take shape. Here it is now!

I'm currently wearing it as a coverup but I've also dressed it up with a skinny belt and heels. That's the greatest part about summer! One dress can go from the pool to cocktail hour with a little lipgloss and strappy sandal. Love that!

Whether a designer overproduces or the stores overstock, great clothes find their way into stores like Marshalls and T.J.Maxx. You might need a small dose of patience to pick through the racks or a little ingenuity to make it truly wearable, but don't be discouraged! Sometimes all you need is a shorter hem, different belt, or WAY less trim!

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Katherine said...

Soooo cute!