Salon Style

When it comes to hanging artwork, sometimes hammering in the first nail is the hardest part. If you're like me, deciding what to hang, how many, and what height takes all the fun out of it. Grouping art salon style gives you flexibility and the opportunity to play around a bit. If you prefer measuring over eyeballing, there's lots of helpful tips to get you started. It just takes a few easy steps to gather and hang your artwork. My biggest piece of advice is to just GO FOR IT! Start with something big in case you chicken out, or a few small things if you can't narrow it down. Use what you love (and what you have) and don't look back!
There's no rhyme or reason to our wall. I'm always swapping out pieces and looking for old frames to repurpose. I just added the piece below that my mother and sister-in-law brought back from Uganda. And the lovely lady on top is from a Sotheby's Art Auction catalogue. With a black mat and gold frame, it looks more like a print than a tear out!
Our chalkboard (I painted the frame gold) is always changing with holidays. We've had everything from Abe Lincoln for President's Day to the Easter Bunny to the San Antonio Spurs (NBA Playoffs) thanks to my husband. My Father's Day tie is still up from last month...
There's so many options when you're considering what to hang. Statuettes, mirrors, trinkets, shadowboxes, whatever you fancy!
Thin frames and light colored artwork atop an upholstered headboard:
Black and white matted frames line the walls of Lela Rose's home from floor to ceiling:
Antique mirrors layered with old photos:
Rita Konig mixes up black, natural, and gold frames with photography and artwork:

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