Belt the Bulk

This time of year it's tempting to pile on chunky sweaters and get lost in the bulk. Flatter your figure with a belted sweater, fur, or jacket instead!
I'm wearing a Vince wrap sweater, Trouvé leggings, Gap turtleneck, and Cole Haan boots. If you want to try Hanneli's look just grab a blanket off the couch and belt it! Or get the look with a thick wrap sweater and black leather belt. If you have a chunky sweater, pair it with a skinny bow belt or sash. These also work well with a long cardigan. Try belting a fur vest like the one above with a tiny ribbon or use a necklace. I love a wrap coat, especially one that has a detachable faux-fur collar! And you can't go wrong with a belted sweater dress. Cinch it with something skinny, maybe even glitter or calf hair!
Wear this turtleneck dress from Zara with tights and booties, a pair of heels, or ballet flats. Endless options!
A sweater like this one from Modcloth would look cute with a grosgrain ribbon (like so.)
And if you're dressing for two, take advantage of the empire waist! This kimono wrap from Isabella Oliver would work postpartum and make a great coverup when feeding on the go.
P in her belted sweater dress ready for school!


Katherine said...

LOVE this look. Any suggestions for a preggo to pull it of (sort of-ish)???

JWK said...

Try a short-sleeved sweater with a dark long sleeved top (slim arms) underneath and a thin belt above your bump...



Or something long over leggings: http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=775598002&tid=onaff2178999&ap=2&siteID=onafcid89


Katherine said...

Thank you! I am going to a Christmas party tonight and I think I am going to try it...wish my luck. And wow, P looks like a fashionista!