A Drawer & A Chair

I recently got an email titled 'All You Need in Your Desk Drawer' from Real Simple and thought, "Hmmm mine can't be that bad, can it??"
It was actually much worse. I found not 1 but 2 empty lotion bottles hiding in the back, broken sunglasses, an empty mascara box, a cancelled credit card, ETC. In my defense, this is more than just a desk drawer; it's my makeup/crafts/miscellaneous crap drawer. I've always been able to live with clutter, and I certainly love my piles, but lately if it takes me longer than 5 minutes to locate something, I get distracted and forget what I'm even looking for. Besides, the three things I'm constantly reaching into this drawer for are bobby pins, Q-tips, and hair rubber bands.
I decided to use trays and an empty baby food jar in my desk drawer for necessities, so that I can see if something is out of place or if I'm running low. And since there are two small hands that LOVE nail polish and glue sticks right now, I did some concealing and rearranging as well.
I think the hardest part about organizing (besides keeping it tidy) is finding a method that works. Unfortunately, it's taken a lot of failed attempts and messy closets to figure it out. Example: box with lid=bottomless pit; labels=worthless.
I also recovered the seat of my desk chair, which is an old hand-me-down from my Mom that I repainted glossy black. The cushion popped right off so I simply wrapped the new fabric around it and pinned. I'll need to go back and use a staple gun but for now the straight pins are doing swell!

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