Recycled No.13

I love finding new ways to recycle glass and this is an easy one that you can use for just about anything. After you finish burning candles (I like Bob's Flower Shoppe) stick it in the freezer overnight so the wax is easier to get out. With a fork or knife, dig the wax out around the edges and soak the container in hot, soapy water. Let it sit and then with a sponge, scrub any black soot or remaining wax.
I use them for bracelets and sewing supplies, and they're perfect for Q-tips and cotton balls in the bathroom. The options are endless!
I love the little box that Trapp candles come in. I spray painted this one silver and P likes to use it as a house for doodlebugs and earthworms.
Peter Som recycles his Diptyque candles and uses them to organize his pencils. That man loves a tidy space! I interned for him in college and not a thread was out of place. On the first day I dropped a glass button and it was so quiet you could hear it roll across the studio!!

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