The Big Reveal!

The Living Room:
The 'wallpaper' throughout the house is actually wrapping paper from World Market. I splurged on the living room sofa and chairs on eBay because honestly, who can pass up hot pink velvet?? I found the sconces and mantel also on eBay and the coffee table is a mini bud vase I already had, turned upside down. I made the pillows out of gold and white greek key that I've been dying to use, and the topiary trees are actually place card holders from Michael's.

The Bedroom:
I covered the walls in the bedroom with grasscloth and Will painted her de Gournay-esque panels that I hung around the room. The bed and the bathtub were from my grandmother's dollhouse and the bedding and rug came from my fabric stash. I ordered the chair on eBay, although it was supposed to be pink and white check!

The Sewing Room:
The vintage sewing machine is one of the first things I ordered on eBay, along with the vintage phone and ironing board. However, I didn't realize how tiny they were until they came in the mail. I'm sure they'll be lost before the weekend is over but I just couldn't help myself!

The Kitchen:
I found the Melissa and Doug Kitchen Furniture Set and pink wooden highchair both on eBay and then attached the wading bird onto the hutch. The gold bike (with a kickstand!) was from Etsy.
Luckily P went down for a nap with these guys this afternoon because I'm spent!!
The rundown...
We got the actual dollhouse at Michael's for $20 (with a 40% off coupon).
I painted the outside with white base acrylic paint and the floors with black semi-gloss interior/exterior paint. I applied the wallpaper and grasscloth with Super Tacky Tape and mod-podge, and then finished the outside edges with gold paint pen.
The chandelier in the living room is a decorative ball that I painted with gold paint pen and hung from the ceiling with a thumbtack. I threaded a needle, knotted it at the eye, and stuck it all the way in. So far so good!
I dug through old magazines for the artwork and then mod-podged them onto wooden squares and composition book covers. Then I attached everything onto the walls with Super Tacky Tape. All the bedding and rugs are from my scraps and I filled the pillows with a little batting. Accessorizing was definitely my favorite part!!
Happy 3rd Birthday P!!


Jackie (G'ma) said...

It's wonderful! You and Pearl will have so much fun with this..(you have already!) Can I commission Will to do some of those panels for my living room?? (not in pink tho!)
Happy Birthday Pearl!

Becky said...

so fabulous

Anna Jay said...

Yaya Happy birthday beautiful girl and MOST CREATIVE momma!!!!! Love y'all and wish I could celebrate with you all this weekend. I will be home next weekend and want to stop by to deliver some goodies :)

Kristen said...

oh my goodness...so cute!