Polka Dot Duvet

We got a queen size bed for P's room recently but I was having a hard time finding bedding that I liked within my budget. These sheets from Target had all the right colors so I bought two sets (on clearance!) and a pack of 6 buttons to make a duvet cover with the top sheets.
For the opening of the duvet cover, I used the top edges of the sheets that were already folded over and sewn. Since the duvet comforter was slightly shorter in length, I cut off a few inches of the sheets and hemmed them to the correct size.
1. Sew the button holes. Mine were about 10" apart.
2. Pin the two sheets right sides together and sew around the perimeter. For the opening, stop 15" from each corner. Be sure to use a generous seam allowance (2") on the opening edge so when you turn right sides out, you have enough room for your buttons and button holes. It helps to look at a finished duvet cover for this step.
3. Turn right sides out and sew buttons on with a needle and thread.
4. Insert the duvet comforter!
For the rest of the bedding, I used one of the polka dot fitted sheets and a pair of vintage pillowcases. I had already dyed the euro pillowcases and quilt (they were originally cream from Pottery Barn) and the embroidered pillow is from one of my favorite stores in Port Aransas, A MANO.
Now if I could just find the perfect pair of bedside tables!!


Angeline said...

Pretty. Super Idea!

Jackie (G'ma) said...

Precious! You saved tons of money by making your own!

Lindsey Herod said...

Love this Jenna! So precious! You're little P is a lucky lady! I adore reading your blog and all of your ideas. Keep it coming! xo, LEH

kayce hughes said...